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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Deb - The Adventure Begins

12/6/2010    And, so the adventure begins.  Here we are, not even one week in P.V. trying to get ready to GO and we're in the boat yard to get the bottom painted.  (Do ALL bottoms need painting from time to time???)  Anyway, we have blisters.  Lots of them. (Do all bottoms get blisters as they age?)   Just painting is no longer an option.  Scraping, peeling, resins, Epoxy, primer, West System special something or other....and THEN paint.  You know what they say about boats......  

We have a room at the Westin hotel to watch the procedure, that has turned from two days out of the water to AT LEAST a week.  We are hoping, however, to leave P.V. on the 29th and spend New Years at the fabulous, gorgeous Grand Bay Marina in Barre de Navidad.


Last night we attended a  party at our friend Lupe's home.  It is a hotel, spa, and holistic center in Buscerias.  It is an amazing property and Lupe is an amazing woman. 

My dear friend Jewell has entered us in a Chili Cookoff on Saturday.   18 entries.  People from the towns and villages come as well as boaters and U.S. and Canadian residents.  And, our kitchen is up on supports at the boat yard.  So, I've imposed on another of our new friends and we are using his fabulous kitchen in his new home to make about 10-12 gallons of chili.  Vicki and Larry, our boat buddies, are going to join us in this.  Larry is a guitar player and song writer.  He's writing a song about chili and we're going to wear crazy wigs.  He'll play the guitar and I'll play the washboard to attract people to our booth.  The booth that collects the most "tickets" wins.  OMG.....what am I doing!!!   Do I dare post pictures of this?


  1. It all sounds wonderful. The adventure was to do things that you would not do in LA - And you sure are~Sorry about the boat bottom, but oh well - Now you have a chance to win a Chile Cook-Off! With Jewels cooking skills,and your wig and Larrys song- I would put $$ on your chili. Ask Viki to hand out coupons with your booth # at the gate or offer a FREE sample. You've got this contest nailed!
    xxoo JRR

  2. OMG! Jewel you and Deb are two Crazy Females! I can't even imagine making that voyage! What about the Pirates, Lol.... You girls sound like you've got the whole thing under control so my hat goes off to you both! Jewel kill em with that Chili..... Who knew you could cook in my day you where just the Queen of nails, not food :) Best of Luck, Ladies Be Safe and Always ENJOY!
    Much Love and Friendship!

  3. Happy sailing and cooking!!!

    Check this out:
    Naga Viper chili pepper set to become world's spiciest, so hot it can strip paint

    I thought this article could be some help in both ventures... To spice up the chili cook-off and strip the paint off the boat at the same time!

    Read the article at:

    Have a super trip ladies!!! See you when you get back from your adventures :)


  4. Those blisters look like measles!
    Elysium looks sad on dry dock :-(

    Hoping you are back in the water where she belongs real soon :-)


  5. Funny to see the Elysium with Polka Dots.
    She very much into fashion!