Captains Corner

Saturday, December 17, 2011

We Are Back To Boating!!!

It’s December!! Almost 2012, unbelievable. Jewell and I are getting ready to head back to Huatulco, Mexico to move The Elysium to El Salvador (approximately 270 miles). We’ve been away from the boat for eight months.

As you know, nothing is easy. A few months ago we received a panicked call from Lucio that smoke was coming out of the transom. It was another battery charger that burned out and also burned out TWO of the beautiful new AGM batteries that last forever. Ha! We have in our possession one new battery charger (one week’s salary) and unfortunately are still waiting for two new batteries (two weeks salary) to arrive in Huatulco. So first they have to arrive and then, get someone to install both on the boat, we’ll be in good shape. Pray.

Once again we will need to get decent weather to get through the Tehuantepec. Three days of calm weather. (If you remember from previous blogs, we couldn’t get good weather in April so we remained in Huatulco.) The minute our weather men give us the OK, we’re off.

Many of our friends are already in El Salvador. We’re planning a New Year’s Eve party. By that time, we’ll need all the Tequila we can swallow.

Aggie will not be joining us for this trip. We doubt if her bladder will hold out for 35 hours….and it is way too stressful worrying about her exploding. We’ll take her back to El Salvador with us for the trip to Costa Rica (we will stop frequently).

I’m sure this season will be full of Lucy and Ethel (oh, excuse me, Jewell and Deborah) antics. It’s fun. How lucky are we!!

Happy Holidays to all. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year. Perhaps we’ll see you in Costa Rica.