Captains Corner

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to our Costa Rica Adventure

Welcome to our blog Bound for Costa Rica.  This blog will follow the travels of The Elysium Yacht and her family and friends from Puerto Vallarta to Costa Rica.  Here are the introductions:

First and foremost THE Captain – Deborah.  But you can call her Capt’n.
First Mate – Jewell – nothing short for that name.

Captain Deborah
First Mate Jewell

Marinaro – Spanish for boat boy – Lucio.

Official boat dog – Aggie – the one who gets mostly all the attention.


Buddy boat – Means we are going to make this voyage together - Rocinante.

Captain – Larry

First Mate - Vicki

Just a bit of history. 

We brought the boat to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PV from here out) 4 seasons ago, with the intention of spending one season.  Well, as you can tell we loved it.  So now we have decided, let’s move on and see what else there is out there.  So we chose Costa Rica.  Our friends Larry and Vicki were thinking along the same lines and we have decided to do this together.

We have loved our time in PV.  We have made lots of lifelong friendships, but we are not getting any younger so it's time to hit the trail and get adventurous again.

Jewell is due to arrive back in PV November 20th - to begin the process of getting ready and Deb will arrive on the 24th.  We will have some minor work done on the boat (bottom painting, batteries changed, provisions, new navigation system up) and a few other items.  We still need to decide about our motorcycle and whether or not to buy another one, so we don't have to ride the same one together.  Too dangerous.

Our potential shove off date is December 1, 2010.   Check back in often.  Thanks for coming with us on our wild journey!

Deb, Jewell, Aggie, Lucio and our many guests you will meet along the way. 

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