Captains Corner

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Blog, January 13, 2011

OK, I know this probably won’t be a surprise to anyone, but we are still in P.V.  Why, you ask?  Because whatever can go wrong, IS!!!   We have Macerator problems, Davit problems, Inverter Problems, Generator problems, Air Conditioning problems, and charger problems.  Other than that, everything is fine….just fine!!   

Most of our difficulties are stemming from a spike in our Generator.  We’ve had mechanic after mechanic, and hopefully will solve our problems soon.  We’re hoping to get everything fixed before we leave for L.A. on the 21st.  Pray and Send money.  Only kidding!!!!!!

Our New Year’s was fabulous.  We went to a hotel/spa owned by a new friend, Lupe Dipp.  Many friends were there and we arrived back at the boat after 3 a.m.   It was a great deal of fun.  Aggie joined the festivities as you can see!!!!  

Larry and Vicki are also having some issues, and are still here in P.V.   They probably will start out next week and we’ll catch up if all goes well.

Lois arrived after New Year’s and, as always, her “entertainment” committee title held true. 

We laughed until we were sick.  We sang songs,  ate great food, and took Larry and Vicki to CafĂ© Olla.  We all had a great time especially Vicki.

Some friends joined in a sailboat race (15 boats) and we went out and ran along the side and cheered them on.  Larry and Vicki sat out the race with us on The Elysium.  What a fun day!

That’s it for this blog.  Hopefully next time you hear from us we’ll be on the high seas….well, not too high!!!   Happy New Year everyone.  May 2011 bring you love, joy and good health.