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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finally Arrived in Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

8:40 a.m. Saturday 11/20 and I’m waiting for the taxi to take Aggie and me to the airport.  We take Aggie's travel bag out a couple of days before we travel so she becomes accustomed to it.  She didn’t leave the bag since it’s out and this morning she sees the luggage moving to the front door and is definitely not budging.  She figures if the luggage is going, so is she!!

We are looking forward to seeing our PV friends and our hearts are also heavy with the knowledge that we are leaving our beloved Puerto Vallarta.   We are really going to miss seeing all the many friends we’ve made during our four seasons here.  But we know we’ll be coming back after our
“big” adventure.

As I sit at the airport I’m thinking about the trip that awaits us - the excitement as well as the apprehension.  It is our biggest undertaking yet.

Sunday 11/21 Well, phase one of our trip has begun.  I have left the country and am now in Mexico.  After years of talking about this and endless hours of planning I can't believe it is here.  Yikes.  Aggie and I arrived yesterday and our boat looks the same.  The only thing missing now is our captain.  Deb will be arriving on Wednesday.  We will then begin the actual preparations to get underway to Costa Rica.

What I can never get over is how much luggage we always manage to bring.  All we wear in Mexico for the most part are shorts and sleeveless tops.  But we have pounds and pounds of clothing.  Yet there is nothing in our closets!  I just don't understand.

I’ll be posting pictures of Aggie in her new orange life jacket.  It is hilarious.  We will be blogging more frequently now that we are actually in the swing of busting out of Mexico.  It will be bittersweet.  But we will cross that bridge when we are closer.  Hope you had a happy turkey day.  
Here is one of the first pictures of the Marina in PV.

And Aggie - recovering from the trip here.

One more note:  Deborah has just informed me that she’ll be blogging as well.

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  1. Sweet! I'll be following your blog all along the way. Keep us all posted!!

    Dos Chiquitas Forever!!!!!!!!!!