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Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010 Chili Chili Bang Bang! - From Deb

December 10, 2010 
Is it any surprise to anyone who knows Jewell to know that she won the Chili Cook-off!!!   

But, let me give you a blow by blow.  
She cooked for two days.   We used our friend Ray’s kitchen.  He just happens to own many Mexican restaurants in Phoenix.  He and his buddy, Al,  kept tasting, and tasting, and tasting and wanted it hotter and hotter and hotter.  Jewell decided the only taste buds she wanted to test this chili were mine (smart woman that she is).   
Jewell  Doug in the center the chili host and me

Al is on the left and Ray is on the right.

We arrived at the cook-off with 6-7 gallons of Chili.  The venue provided the cups, spoons and napkins.  Jewell chopped 10 onions and crushed lots of chips to put on top of the chili if people wanted it.   

The gigantic pot was behind the table.

Remember, we’re talking “Jewell” .  She printed hundreds of small self adhering labels that said “I love Chili Chili  Bang Bang’s chili” to affix to the chest of everyone who tasted the chili and gave us a ticket.   

Vicki "sticking" someone who gave a ticket for the winning chili.

I made Lucio, our Marinaro, a “sandwich board” directing people to our booth.  Like the trooper he is, he stood in the front where the tickets were being sold, and spoke to everyone about our chili.  

Lucio is such a good sport!
Even Aggie got in on the action.  She had her own sign that said “Chili Chili Bang Bang Dog” and wore a very large sunflower hat.  Just look at her picture.  She’s a trooper too.  Just went along with the program!!

Vicki arrived with the song that she wrote and we “performed”.   We both sang (has anyone ever heard me sing????….it’s a sadness!!)….and I played the washboard.  It was really funny.   Microphones and all!   

Me and Vicki getting ready to sing.  Jewell chickened out.

 We all wore signs, front and back, with the name of our team.   We hustled.   People were coming back for seconds and thirds and fourths.   People were hugging Jewell.   She really outdid herself.  We did not have ONE drop of chili left.  Not a bean.  Nothing.  Nada.   We went for hamburgers at 9:30 that night.  Without Chili on it.  

The winning team.  Vicki, Larry, Me and Jewell

The boat will be out of dry-dock tomorrow, Saturday.  Our three days of painting and minor repairs turned into eleven days of torture.   We changed all our plans and will now, hopefully, leave PV on the 29th  to go to Barra de Navidad for New Year’s Eve.   Talk to you all again, soon.   D


  1. I am hysterical!!! Cant stop laughing!
    You gals are tops! Loved hearing the details and seeing the photos!

    I could have won a bundle with the "Jewel" bet- I would have given odds. Congrats Team Chili Bang Bang! still laughing.....cant stop. Jaw hurts from laughing! WOW!


  2. Well, I thought building a house was exciting, but your Chili antics sure take the "beans" so to speak !!!!!! You guys are crazy in a great way !!!!
    Keep others laughing !!!!!
    Roxy & Bob