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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Port of Call Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Those of you reading this blog know us pretty well, so nothing should be a surprise…..  Here goes a description of our latest adventures.

For the first time since being in Mexico, Jewell, Lucio and I made a 24 hour run from Manzanillo to Ixtapa without stopping.  Have any of you ever seen BLACK.   No lights.  No houses on the coast.  BLACK.  No moon.  Loads of stars but considering they are zillions of miles away, they did not light our way. It was BLACK.    

All three of us stayed up all night absolutely horrified we were going to hit something.   We stared at the radar and imagined every blip to be a potential accident waiting to happen.  Nothing happened.  We arrived at daybreak in Ixtapa, found the Marina, which was a miracle in itself since it is pretty well hidden behind rocks, got a slip assignment and fell asleep for 12 hours.  Whew!!  We’re here.
The Elysium


Jewell and I rented bicycles.  I haven’t been on a bicycle in 55 years!!!   Do we go slowly?  One block at a time to explore?  Of course not.  We took an 8 mile ride on the cyclopista, to a place called Playa Linda. 

The new, wonderfully paved  “bicycle” route took us up and down hills and finally to a path marked “JUNGLE”. I’m pretty sure that’s what it MUST have said because there were BIG snakes, sloths, and other animals running around, loose! 

We couldn’t go back.  It was too far.  We needed to proceed.  Needless to say, we got through and arrived in Playa Linda.   I needed to hire a guy with a pickup truck to get us back to Ixtapa.  I KNOW our butts will never be the same.    How do guys do this?  ….  If you know what I mean?
Deb is pointing to sore butt!!!!

Now, the really exciting part.   All over the docks   there are signs “Crocodiles”   “Don’t let your dog loose”. 

Well, they had signs like that in P.V. as well.  But here in Ixtapa they weren’t kidding.  As I was showering from our exhaustive bike ride I heard Jewell screaming my name. 

I grabbed a towel and ran upstairs.  In the back of the boat was a Crock with a head the size of a small VW.  No kidding.  He was humongous.  About 11 or 12 feet long and at least 3 feet wide.  Look at the photos.   

He was actually sniffing the air looking for Aggie.  He stayed at the back of the boat and then proceeded to the bow in the path between the boat and the finger of the dock.  He stayed with us for 20 minutes.  Aggie, being the smart dog she is, never came out of the salon of the boat.  This is how we found her when we came back in:
I swear we did not do this to her!!!!!
That was day one in Ixtapa.  Do you guys really want us to keep writing this?  We’re like Frick and Frack, Ethel and Lucy, Abbott and Costello.  We’re dangerous!!!  Talk to you again soon.  Written by Deborah.


This is what we have done to our gates so Aggie cannot get down to the swim step~!

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