Captains Corner

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Road to Repair!

Hola, from Puerto Vallarta!  I arrived back to Puerto Vallarta yesterday and Deb decided both of us do not need to be twiddling our thumbs waiting for the boat to get repaired, so she is coming next Wednesday and hopefully after provisioning the boat we’ll finally get going South.

When I had returned to L.A. in late January I ordered more parts than West Marine carries.  Everyday something else arrived.  Huge boxes, small boxes some had to be signed for, oh wait that was a case of wine (desperately needed).  Anyway the boxes kept coming.

Just some of the items I brought with me.
So with our show over it was time to begin deciding how to pack and since Deb is coming later, just bringing in the essentials.  I finally got most of the essential repair items packed in extra,  extra large duffel bags that were packed to the brim and yikes each were  a little over 50 pounds.
When you come into Mexico they really don’t like you to bring boat parts in with you, so you better have all your receipts and be prepared to give them 15% of what you paid for the part if asked.  And prove that you have a boat.  So as I gathered my luggage and headed to the red and green light button with  Aggie in tow, we held our breath and pressed the button and it turned green!!!!!  YEA!!!!!  WHEW!!!!  What a relief.  I was imagining spending a couple of hours in the customs office waiting for them to decide what I had to pay and such.  Thank goodness that did not happen.

Inside a cabinet, these are some of the chargers for the batteries.

The blue one is one of the new ones.  So many wires.
Between yesterday and today we have made progress. One charger is working, one to go.  Two air conditioners working, two to go and the generator is working, they just have to finish putting it together and CLEAN UP THEIR MESS!!!!

That is all for now, our next post will be a picture of the Elysium all packed up and  ready to head south, finally.  Oh and the motorcycle is running also!!!!!


  1. I can just picture you and Aggie loaded with duffle bags at customs - sorry Jewel, but not a pretty image! So glad you are making progress - what did you think of Black Swan? xxo JRR

  2. God Bless you both, Deborah and Jewell, I know you're going to have a blast out at sea - what an adventure!! Wishing you lot's of laughs, sunny skies, warm breezes and lot's of margheritas! All good things - best, Maria

  3. Ahh---the intimidating Customs light!
    You did great.
    I'm really proud of your success. Keep the faith.
    We really enjoy hearing from you and Deb.
    All our best,
    Rick and Michael